Hope Starts Here

Hope Inspired is an outpatient mental health, substance abuse, and human service agency located in southern Wisconsin. It was founded in 2020 and is a female owned and run business that strives to provide excellent service to people from all walks of life.  

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Our Mission

The strengths that we see in people give us hope. The intention of Hope Inspired is to explore where your hope comes from to increase opportunity and alleviate suffering. We provide exceptional, caring, and equitable mental health, substance use, and other human services to everyone including vulnerable populations. We work with honesty, integrity, and always provide trauma informed protection of your health and well-being.

Core Values

We believe deeply in people’s strength, resourcefulness, and possibility. We are fierce advocates of equity. We work with compassion, intelligence, respect, and warmth with the aim that our clients leave our time together with a deeper sense of purpose, understanding, and empowerment to live life under their terms and with a sense of peace.     

Our Vision Statement

A world without stigma surrounding mental health and addiction

A world where seeing your therapist is viewed the same as seeing your doctor, a world where generational trauma stops with our generation

 A world where love wins

A world where we care for our fellow humans more than money, more than things, more than ourselves, and a world where people understand the true meaning of equitable.

Hope Inspired works in partnership with the Dane County Human Services Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) program. Dane County Human Services website states “(CCS) provides psychosocial rehabilitation services to clients across the lifespan who have needs for ongoing, high or low-intensity services resulting from mental health or substance use disorders but who are not in need of Community Support Program (CSP) services”.


(844) 467-3467


P.O Box 4. Hollandale, WI 53544

5944 Seminole Centre Ct. Suite 120 & 210, 

Fitchburg, WI 53711